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Amalgam-Free Fillings for Children – Helena

Safe, Effective, Long-Lasting

Closeup of tooth after treatment

Fillings give our team the ability to repair small cavities and slightly damaged teeth in just one easy appointment, and to make this treatment even better, Kalmor Dental only uses amalgam-free fillings.

What are amalgam-free fillings? They are actually made of a material called composite resin. This material is just as strong as traditional amalgam, but it has a few distinct advantages as well.

For one, it can be color-matched to your child’s teeth to make the filling itself practically invisible in the mouth, meaning they won’t have to worry about their friends or classmates noticing it whenever they laugh, talk, or eat. Plus, the material is entirely mercury-free, which gives plenty of parents piece of mind.

Does your child have a cavity that needs to be restored? We can make it look like it never happened, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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